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Future Plans

Traffic Cameras

Latest Traffic monitoring equipments like CCTV cameras are being installed at major junctions and traffic halting points. These cameras will relay their live view/information to the central control room or data center for monitoring and proper decision making by Senior Managers. This data from Traffic Cameras will also be very important in fact finding proceedings for signal violations, accidents, Stolen or snatched Vehicles and other law & order situations.

Traffic FM

FM radio programs will be started to broadcast Traffic situation. It will be updated every five minutes in peak hours. It will also relay weather forecast & environment situation. The broadcast will be made from central control room. The channel will be multi lingual to maximize its listener's spectrum.

L.E.D Displays

Electronic displays showing traffic position and awareness messages. Such electronic displays are also called Variable Messaging Systems (VMS). These displays will be installed at key locations around the city which will display the traffic position. The online displays will be addressable individually so instant messaging or instructions at particular display are possible.

SMS Alert

The SMS Alert will provide information about traffic diversions, processions and traffic problems in the city. This system is under process which will also be launched in near future.