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Driving Tips

  • Lane discipline
    Always keep your lane
    Slow moving and HTV to drive in extreme left lane
    Use indicators, rear view and side mirrors while overtaking
    Return to your lane safely using indicators

  • Over Speeding
    Results in ...
    Damage to vehicle
    Damage to life or Disability

  • Motorcyclist
    Always use helmet
    Drive in left lane
    Don't do one wheeling

  • Pedestrian
    Always use zebra crossing, overhead bridge or underpasses ot cross the road
    Use footpath to walk
    Walk on right hand side if there is no footpath

  • Roundabout
    Vehicle on a roundabout have the right of way
    Give way to traffic coming from right
    Don't cross the path of vehicles negotiating a roundabout
    Slow down and only enter a roundabout when it is a safe and your path is clear

  • U-Turn
    Turn where it's allowed
    Use indicator
    Give way to the traffic coming from the other side

  • Driving in bad weather
    Slow down during rain, storm and fog
    Keep safe distance from vehicle ahead
    Be careful during bad light
    Use fog lights during fog

  • Horn
    Civilized people avoid unnecessary horn blowing

  • School
    Park your vehicle 50 meter short or ahead of a school gate
    Do not block the gate
    Avoid honking
    Reduce speed while approaching a school

  • Use of Indicators
    Always use indicator for:
    Turn left or right
    Changing lane

    Always use side and rear view mirrors
    Don't ever use indicators signaling others to overtake or not to overtake

  • Zebra Crossing
    Stop before the stop line
    Give way to the pedestrians on zebra crossing

  • Post - Accidents tips
    Switch off the engine
    Move off the road
    Seek emergency help from police
    Switch on blinker (hazard) lights

  • Over Loading
    Avoid overloading / overhanging
    Don't exceed seating specifications

  • Mobile Phone
    Never use mobile phones while driving.
    Also avoid using hands-free device
    Use of mobile phone while driving is a hazard to you and others

  • Parking Prohibited
    No Parking:
    At footpaths
    At any entrance or exit
    Parallel to other vehicles causing hindrance
    Near any bus or taxi stand

  • Power
    Check "POWER" for safe driving

    P = Petrol
    O = Oil
    W = Water
    E = Electricity
    R = Rubber (Types and Wipers)

  • Smoke Menace
    Emitting Smoke - Causing Disease
    If your vehicle produces smoke, take it to a mechanic
    Do not drive unless your vehicle is fit
    Save environment from pollution

  • Vehicle Fitness
    Before driving check tyres, breaks, lights and wipers
    Give your vehicle regular tune-up
    Change oil and filter on time

  • Commercial Drivers
    Don't over speed
    Pick and drop passengers only in the bus bay
    Doors should remain closed until vehicle stops
    Park and overtake correctly

  • Over Taking
    Always overtake from the right side
    Use Indicators and mirrors for safe overtaking
    Don't flash lights to overtake
    Return to your lane safely using indicator

  • Turning Right
    Signal right indicator while turning
    Use side and rear view mirror
    Do not cut other's path

  • Public Service Passengers
    Wait in the bus bays
    Stand in a queue
    Do not rush

  • Joining Main Road
    While joining the main road

    Reduce speed
    Give way to traffic coming from right side

  • Seat Belt
    Saves life
    Saves from disability
    Comfortable drive

  • Right of Way
    Is of the

    Vehicle on your right
    Vehicle on a main roads
    Pedestrians on a zebra crossing
    Vehicle on a roundabout