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  • Any person learning to drive a motor vehicle is required to obtain a learner’s Permit. The law requires that he should display on the front and the rear of vehicle a square shaped white plate or card of 17”(17 cm) x 7” (17 cm). On this plate must be written the letter ‘L’ in RED colour. The letters should be 4” (10 cm) in height and 3.5” (8.5 cm) in width.
  • He must carry his learner’s permit at the time of driving.
  • A learner’s permit issued in Rawalpindi is valid for a period of six months and there is no grace period.
  • A learner’s permit is valid only in the territory where it is issued.
  • The minimum age at which a learner’s permit can be issued is 18 years.
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Drivers with learner permit for Scoter / Motor Cycle

In Rawalpindi a two wheeler driver (learner’s permit holder) is not allowed to carry any person on the pillion seat.

Drivers with learner permit of Car

A car driver (learner’s permit holder) must have by his side a person duly licensed to drive a vehicle. He should sit by his side in such a position as to be able to readily stop the vehicle.

For Permanent License Holders

  • A permanent license is valid for the type of vehicle for which it is issued.
  • After its expiry, there is a grace period of 30 days to get it renewed.
  • The minimum age for applying for a permanent license is 18 years. For paid drivers, it is 20 years. A paid driver must carry his driving license at the time of driving.
  • A permanent license is valid throughout in Pakistan.

Before driving make sure that

  • Your vehicle is registered.
  • Registration number is displayed prominently in front and rear in the prescribed manner.
  • It is insured to cover liability in respect of any third party risk.
  • The vehicle is in roadworthy otherwise it will risk you and others.
  • Do not run your vehicle under the influence of drugs/drinks
  • You have a valid driving license for the type of vehicle you are driving.
  • You are physically and mentally fit to drive.

Under the law your car must have

  • Be registered.
  • Display the registration number plate in front and rear in the prescribed manner.
  • Be in roadworthy condition.
  • Brakes working properly.
  • Have headlight, backlight for illuminating the number plate. Lighting time starts half an hour after sunset and continues until half an hour before sunrise.
  • Have tires properly inflated and in good and sound condition.
  • Have the horn in working order.
  • Be fitted with a silencer.
  • Have its steering mechanism adequately maintained and in good trim.
  • Have efficient automatic windscreen wiper.
  • Have well maintained transparent windscreen and side and rear windows.
  • A rear-view mirror appropriately fitted.
  • Not cause undue noise.
  • Be equipped with electrical or mechanical device.
  • Not emit smoke.
  • Display tax token properly.

Under the law your motorcycle must have

  • Brakes of properly working.
  • Horn in working order.
  • Headlight, backlight for illuminating the number plate.
  • Tires properly inflated and in good and sound condition.
  • The steering mechanism in good and sound condition.
  • A silencer.
  • A number plate displayed in front and rear in the prescribed manner.
  • No defect in the vehicle which would cause undue noise or release smoke.
  • The correct provision for one passenger only.
  • Tax token displayed prominently.

Under the law your motor cycle must have in addition to the above

  • A suitable device to prevent garments of the pillion rider from getting entangled.
  • Provision for footrest.
  • A suitable device for pillion rider to hold on to the motor cycle.

Other yellow / white lines on the road

Continuous yellow / white lines have been drawn in the middle of some roads in Rawalpindi. It is an offence to cross this line to overtake another vehicle or otherwise. Vehicle should take only the left carriage-way.