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Traffic Problems


Encroachment a bar in smooth flow of traffic

One of the barriers in smooth flow of traffic is encroachment. In the city markets the shopkeepers put their luggage even outside their shops and also on footpaths/roads which cause a great hurdle in the flow of traffic.

Non availability of parking area

There is no parking area in the Rawalpindi City. The owner of plazas display plaza basements as parking lot but on later stages they convert these basements into shops. It is the dilemma that in the city of Rawalpindi not a single parking plaza have been established by the concerned development authorities. That is why public face problems while visiting city area to park their vehicles.

Shortage of bus bays/stands

It is a sad demise that Rawalpindi city has only 9 bus bays in densely populated and congested areas of Rawalpindi City. So the concerned authorities should manage bus bays/bus stops in proper ways. Due to the lack of bus bays and Heavy PSV stands, these Public Service Vehicles are being parked on roads which create a great deal of inconvenience for general public. The concerned authorities should realize their responsibilities to manage /construct bus-bays and bus stops in Rawalpindi City.

Entry of Heavy Traffic during day time

Cantonment board issues passes to the trucks and dumpers to enter in the city area at day time. The ratio of these passes has exceeded the requisite limit. So there is a dire need to reduce the quantity of these passes. Moreover the truck stands should be shifted outside the limits of Rawalpindi city area.

Flow of rain water

As the sewage system of the city is not well established/maintained. The rain water pours on the roads, which fills the markets and shops. Mostly vehicles are trapped in this water. The underpass of the committee chock is also not safe from the rain water

Micro irritants and Macro irritants


  • Electric/Telephone Poles
  • Main Holes
  • Gutter Lines
  • Sewerage System
  • Seductive Sign Boards


  • Illegal Plazas
  • Wrong Road/Old Road Designing
  • Non-Functional Traffic Signals
  • Check and Balance over Traffic Volume
  • Non-existence of the High Occupancy/Mega Transport System
  • Non-segregation entities in PSV system