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Women are proudly participating in every walk of life in Pakistan and there is increased awareness among the women to ride bikes in order to avoid traffic congestions in major cities in Punjab. By working under the direct command of the Chief Traffic Officer Rawalpindi, our Women On Wheel (WOW) team has been sincerely endeavoring to impart the bike riding skills to women in Rawalpindi under the auspices of Women On Wheel (WOW)_a program launched by the Punjab Government in 2016 to encourage females to drive bikes in Punjab. Till now, around 300 women have been trained.

Focus of Women on Wheel (WOW)

Women from diverse backgrounds like working ladies, house wives, above 18 year students.

Duration of the Motorcycle Training

To ensure the women that they are an indispensable part of society and overall progress of our beloved country is contingent on their exposure to equal opportunities.

The Purpose of Women On Wheel (WOW) Team is

The motorcycle training course consist of these following two parts

• 13 days practical training

• 2 days driving theory which includes roads safety, traffic signs and information about important parts of motorbike


• Admissions are accepted throughout the month.

• Documents Required for Admission: Learner Permit, Two Copies of NIC and Two Passport Size Pictures.


Hasssan Raza complex Police Lines Rawalpindi.

Training Fee

The training of motorcycle driving course is totally free and no fee is charged from the students.

Contact # 03331-5567352

Ali Gibran

Incharge WOWP