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Driving License of City Traffic Police Rawalpindi

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License issuing authority is Chief Traffic Officer. In-charge of Licensing Branch is DSP Traffic HQrs, he issues licenses on behalf of CTO. The said DSP is further responsible for managerial and driving tests issues, under the supervision of Chief Traffic Officer.

City Traffic Police is using Computerized Sign Testing System for Sign Test, for this purpose touch screens are used with sign testing software developed by I.T Section City Traffic Police Rawalpindi. To facilitate general public One Window Licensing Facilitation Center is started. City Traffic Police Rawalpindi is using centralized software provided by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). City Traffic Police is connected with centralized server located in PITB main office Lahore. Driving Licenses are printed from Traffic HQrs Qurban Lines Lahore and dispatched to applicant's address.

Driving Learner Permit


Age Limit

Motor Cycle 18 Years
Motor Car 18 Years
LTV 21 Years
Rickshaw 21 Years
Tractor Commercial 21 Years
HTV 22 Years with at least 3years old Driving License of Motor Car or LTV



1 . copy of N.I.C

2 . Ticket of Rs.60 (for each category's Learner Permit) from Post Office.

3 . Get a Code Book of Traffic Rules & Regulation.

4 . Medical Certificate (for the candidates of 50 years and above)

Note: Learner permits are issued on daily basis and have a Validity period of 6 months but after 42 days a candidate is authorized to apply for a fresh Driving License.


Permanent Driving License

1. License Documents are submitted in Local Police Office for the Candidates of Private Vehicle (Motor Cycle, Motor Car and Tractor for Agricultural usage) for Traffic Signs & Road Tests.
2. License Documents for all other Vehicle are submitted in MVE (Motor Vehicle Examiner) Office for Tests.


1. Application form (A)
2. Original Learner Permit of at least 6 weeks.
3. Medical Certificate
4. 3 Passport size fresh Photographs (Attested)
5. An Attested Copy of N.I.C.
6. Paste Tickets as approved by the government.

Driving Ticket Fee, renewal fee for 5 years.

I. Motor Cycle: Ticket of Rs. 550
II. Motor Car: Ticket of Rs. 900
III. Motor Cycle/ Motor Car: Ticket of Rs. 950

Note: New Ticket Schedule will apply in case of Amendment in Fee Tickets by the Government.

1. Car Motor Cab: Rs.150
2. Motor Cycle: Rs. 50
3. Car / Motor Cycle: Rs. 200
4. Tractor (Agricultural): Rs. 50
5. Tractor (Commercial) Rs. 100
6. LTV Rs. 150
7. HTV Rs. 200
8. PSV Rs. 200
9. Invalid Carriage Rs. 20
10. Rickshaw Rs. 50

International Driving Permit

1. An attested copy of N.I.C.
2. A copy of Valid Driving License issued from Rawalpindi.
3. A copy of Pakistani Passport valid for At-least 6 Months with Visa.
4. 2 attested photo graph (Passport Size)
5. Rs. 70 Licensing Ticket.

Note: I. Applicant will bring his original N.I.C, Driving License and Passport with him.

Renewal of Driving License

The following documents are required for Renewal of License:

1. Required Application Form + Medical Certificate.
2. 1 Photo Graph Passport Size, a copy of NIC, Original Driving License and a Ticket of relevant License. License is renewed for five years.

Fee Schedule is as follows:

1. Motor Cycle Rs. 500
2. Car Rs. 750
3. Car/ Motor Cycle Rs. 850
4. LTV Rs. 750
5. Rickshaw Rs. 500
6. Tractor (Commercial) Rs. 500
7. Tractor Agriculture Rs. 250
8. HTV Rs. 1000
9. Invalid Carriage. Rs. 100

Fine in case of Late Renewal:

Rs. 375 for each year.

Download Forms Required for Driving License

Download Adobe Reader (required for reading following files)

1. Download New license Form

2. Download medical form

3. Download Renewal form

4. Download International License form

5. Download PSV License form