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Message of CTO

Chief Traffic Officer
Taimoor Khan

The top priority of City Traffic Police Rawalpindi is to provide full road safety to the road users, be it from the anti-social behaviors of joy riders and one-wheelers or over speeding cars and buses plying on the highways. Such elements will find us really tough. I want people who travel in this city to feel safe and be safe.

I never lose sight of the fact that the City Traffic Police, Rawalpindi needs the local community on board, working with us and supporting our officers and staff. In return, people of this city have a right to expect a level of service from the police, which matches their expectations. It’s important for you to know the CTP is on your side. We are here to help and to make you safer. It is the core of our business.

Mission Statement

  Traffic Guidence

To maintain smooth flow of traffic, prevention of accidents, helping road users in distress, ensuring rule of law through equal application, achieving the target of zero tolerance with firmness but politeness to gain the confidence and support of the community.


Driving Tips