Offenses and Panalties

What are Traffic Tickets?

Traffic tickets are writs issued by traffic police officers to road users whenever they cross traffic rules. The road users who receive these writs range from motorists, car drivers to bus drivers.

Types of Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets are generally issued for two major types of traffic crimes, namely:

  • Moving Violation
  • Non-Moving Violation

Moving Violation is defined as those traffic crimes that are committed when the vehicles are in motion. The most frequented type of moving violation is overspeeding, which is when a motorist exceeds the speed limit of that road or highway.

Non-Moving Violations are those traffic violations that are committed when the vehicle is stationary. The most common non-moving violation is the parking violation, that is, when the vehicle is parked in a non-parking zone or if the vehicle is parked unlawfully.

Two-wheeler riders are prone to commit moving violations more than four-wheeler drivers commit the same. At the same time, four-wheeler drivers (car owners, in particular) are prone to commit non-moving violations like parking violations.

Levels of Traffic Tickets

There are different levels of traffic tickets given to those who commit traffic crimes according to their vehicular type.

When you have committed an offense, the traffic warden or the police officer in charge will issue a traffic violation ticket to you. This is the notice that is called a traffic ticket, with information about how you should pay the ticket, how much you owe, and why you got the ticket in the first place. Most of the time, with these types of penalties, there will be a fixed amount that needs to be paid, and if you pay within a certain amount of time, you will pay in a single fee. If you do not pay the fine within a certain amount of time, it will be increased by as much as double the amount.

There are also traffic police lifter surcharges for wrong parking. With these fines, a traffic warden, who is a traffic police lifter attendant, can affix the notice to your vehicle. You have to pay that amount on the spot, accepting that you were in the wrong and admitting that you committed the offense.

You have to be capable to understand and avoid these types of traffic violations. Getting too many police traffic fines is one way to make sure that you don’t have a good driving record, and this can affect all different sorts of things. Therefore, to be sure that you are a good driver and that you have a handle on the road, you want to make sure that you can avoid all types of traffic violations.

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